3T - Time Tracker for Trello

3T - Trello Time Tracking

Intelligent Time Tracker, Estimator, Planner, Reports, Finances

Track Time in comfortable way as:

Drag & Drop
QR Codes, Desktop app, API

Device independent. No extension or plugin required
Use Trello anywhereand do not worry about time tracking

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US Based Servers

Automatization and Dashboard for Trello

- Realtime dashboard, workload, charts and widgets

-   QR Codes to start time tracking

- Auto-start/auto-stop tasks and time tracking

- Automate your work with web triggers for any Trello action

- Emails to Trello cards

- Time spent per coworkers, projects, cards

- Slack notifications on overtime and more

Kanban Desk for Trello

- Visual Kanban desk

- Track tasks, coworkers, states

- Manage resources, track progress

Gantt for Trello

- Plan with Gantt and submit to Trello

- Boards and Cards will be added to Trello automatically

- Assign coworkers, track progress, estimate and more

Timesheets, Reports, Invoices

- Timesheet per team, board, card, time calculator

- Timeline for Trello for all your projects and coworkers

- Analytics, Excels and PDFs with time and billing calculations, invoices

- Edit time, remove tasks, filter data, board templates and more