3T - Time Tracker for Trello

3T - Comfortable and easy-to-use real-time Time Tracker for Trello.
Easily track and estimate the time cards spend on lists with pre-defined plus your own list names.
Start tracking time just writing a comment: start, bug fixing, end, stop
Add a 'Time Tracking' checklist for multiple users time tracking or set-up our Power-Up.
Get reports and invoices for any and all your projects in Trello and plan your tasks and projects using Gantt.
Get notifications in Slack if a task has taken more than 8 hrs., member has more than one task simultaneously,
Gantt project/task can not be added to Trello, and more...

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Getting started

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It’s free for teams that have up to 3 members! Let the time be in your power. Enjoy using 3T

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3T is time tracking system for Trello. It allows your team to track tasks and get time sheets.

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- Realtime dashboard, workload, charts and widgets

- Time spent per coworker on tasks

- Slack notifications on overtimes and more

Kanban Desk

Kanban Desk

- Plan projects

- Track tasks

- Plan and Manage resources



- Plan with Gantt

- Boards and Cards will be added to Trello automatically

- Assign coworkers to boards and cards


Timesheet, Reports, Invoices

- Timesheet per team and board

- Excels and PDFs with calculations and invoices

- Edit time, remove tasks, filter data