3T - Time Tracker for Trello retire on October 29, 2022
Dear Valuable Customers, 

we did retire 3T - Time Tracker for Trello on October 29, 2022. Thank you for have been with us all that time!

Unfortunately, Atlassian, the owner of Trello, has just published technical requirements/changes that will become 
effective from October 31, 2022 that will technically prevent our service from access to Trello.

According to that and taking into account the 3T profitability we will not be able to continue supporting 3T - Time Tracker for Trello 
and thus there is no chance to continue using it after that.

We will retire 3T - Time Tracker for Trello on October 29, 2022

Details from Atlassian: https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/marketplace/security-requirements

To make 3T working on our server or your own server it will still require the same technical effort to align it 
all with regards to the new changes from Atlassian.
So the main issue here is about how much effort it requires to meet those changes on one side and profitability of 
the service itself on the other side.

Thank you for understanding.

How To Migrate? First of all you can export all timesheets data using Excel exporting feature on the Timesheet page Also, as we know, other solutions/services may have an ability to import time history from Trello during connection to a such service. Is There Similar Solutions/Services? As we know - Trello market-place (power-up market place) has a lot of similar services/products: https://trello.com/power-ups