3T Help

Time tracker, Gantt planning, Reports, Invoices and more

It’s free for teams that have up to 3 members! Let the time be in your power. Enjoy using 3T.

Overview the current progress

Keep track of the progress for your projects!
Merely see who and how much time has already spent on tasks that are currently in progress.

Tracking task progress or Timesheets

You can easily look into Timesheet for any Organization you work with and its co-workers. Timesheet shows who and how much time spent for every task.

Filter the data by your preference - 3T provides you to sort and fit the data for your reporting needs.
You can sort the data of Timesheet either by last month, this month, this week or choosing start and end dates, by organization, co-workers and board.
So, filter data by your preference.

Time adjustment - It's possible to edit the time spent for any tasks if necessary.
For example, the co-worker spent more time than is shown in Timesheet and didn't track due to some reasons (had lunch or simply forgot to move it away from
Doing/Current/Working/Ongoing). So you can easily edit amount of hours in corresponding cell of the Timesheet page.

Customized Reporting

Keep up with activity of your team.
View reports categorized by active boards, co-workers and amount of hours spent on a task by them.
However, if Trello helps to organize your projects, 3T stands by it too. And you don't need to set up extra lists or install additional extensions for your browser.

How To Use 3T

Do it easily step-by-step

Step 1
3T counts the time spent for any card in the any Doing or Doing bugs/In Development/Doing/Current/Working/Ongoing list that has been dropped to by developer or any team member.
Time will be calculated for team member who did drug and drop it. This is a way how all the run-time and other values are calculated.

Step 2
Authorize our application to let it be with your boards. Depending on the boards and organizations workload you have, it will be ready in a while.

Step 3
Track your boards and organizations automatically. 3T will synchronize all organizations and boards for you automatically.

Step 4
Just use Trello as usual – create boards, cards, and teams as you like, drag-and-drop list as you want..
The run-time for cards in your list will be tracked by our app. The time will be tracked for board and list, and card, and for member who dragged and
dropped the card into the Doing/Current/Working/Ongoing list.

Step 5
Head over to the Timesheet page to see your time sheets and generate excels for it.

see also our Quick Guide here...

How Does It Work

1. General
We were keen to make 3T light and easy-to-use for everyone. It allows you to use Trello as you used before, and also it keeps out of the way, and only thing you need
to do is to create any Doing or Doing bugs/In Development/Doing/Current/Working/Ongoing list for each board and ask your team members to drag cards onto it before start and drag out of it after work is done.
Since your account is authorized, to use it by 3T all you need is just wait a little bit/a few seconds while it is being synchronized with your Trello account.
3T counts the time spent for any card in the Doing/Current/Working/Ongoing list. This is a way how all the run-time and other values are calculated.
Please, note, that our team is aimed to bring our app to perfection, so if you find a bug or you have some suggestions for 3T improvement, we will be glad to hear from you.
Any feedback is appreciated!

2. Timesheet
You can see all your Trello boards, categorized by organizations, by clicking Timesheet tab in 3T.
Visiting the Timesheet page, you will see the time calculated/summarized for each card in the active lists across your tracked boards.
We've included a couple of filters for you to easily view the relevant data you need data by your preference. Moreover you can also generate an
Excel sheet of with your data for further processing if you need.

3. Overview the Currently In Progress tasks
You can see all your tracked Trello cards that are currently in progress by clicking the Overview tab in 3T.
There is a list of with summary of hours for tracked cards categorized by members.

4. Slack integration and notifications
Get notifications in Slack if there is anything that needs your attention.
see details here...

see also our Quick Guide here...