3T API - Convert Support Request into a Trello card

We have released a function to convert a user request from your website into a Trello card.

Main workflow is the following: get Data from your user > make a POST request from your server back-end to 3T API > get a new card in Trello

You can ask it to start time tracking to see how long it took from creating a new ticket, you can assign a member to it.
Please, do not use API access token on client-side as it will open an access to your 3T account. Use API access token on back-end only.

To make a request use the following POST method and parameters:

Method: CreateTicket

tokenID : <api key>
organizationID: <orgid>
boardID: <boardid>
listName: <name of list>
memberID: <memberid>
title: <title of the new card>
body: <text>
startTimeTracking: <true or false>

You can find all parameters there clicking on the API Info section.