Background tasks for Trello


Sometimes we need tasks that are running continuosly and are being interrupted by another much higher priority tasks only. We are introducing the Background Tasks feature for Trello.

Background tasks will be tracked if there is no other ongoing tasks only.
Any other (lets name it foreground or higher priority) task will interrupt any background task while in progress and
will restore the background task back after it's done.

What is the background task, how to create it and how it works?
- Any card that has BG label (case insensitive) will be counted by 3T as a background task for the current board.
- Any other card on the same board will be counted as foreground task and will interrupt any background task while in progress.
- After a foreground task is done the background task will be splitted on to two parts - before foreground and after foreground.
- After the foreground task is done, background task will continue tracking time until done.