Convert emails into Trello cards automatically

There is a new option to convert your emails into Trello cards automatically.

To activate this feature, please, do the following steps:

- Go to the Email to Trello card setting, click on the Activate button and copy the generated email address.

- Go to the API Info section of the Account info and copy Organization/Team ID and Board ID that you want emails to be put into as cards.

To convert any email into Trello card set-up email forwarding under your email server/client settings to
the generated address and make sure every email contains the following text inside of body/subject:


where the first unique ID 572ee9ee4d19445d0013eca7 is organization/team id and the second unique ID 5ffeec23467a577a8ad05a53 is a board id

After that you will find all cards in the Organization/Team and Board under the Tickets list.