3T Time Tracker for Trello - your own server instance

3T Time Tracker for Trello source code package!

You need time tracking service for Trello but don't want to pay for it every month or for every member? Then this case is for you!

Now 3T provides you a source-code based package ready for set-up that you will be able to host on your own server or hosting and
link it to your Trello. This means you will have your own time tracking server and service as fully functional application including source code.
You will be able to extend it, change for your own needs.

This package is provided as-is and we will not provide any support but just first set-up assistance only.

You are not allowed to sell it or charge any 3rd party for usage it as a service.
You are allowed to use it as your own service for your own needs and not for sale.
You are allowed to change it, ammend, extend it to link to any other 3rd service like Asana, etc.

Contact us to buy this package!

Minimum system requirements:
- Windows Server 2016 Standard
- RAM 4 GB
- 2 Cores CPU
- 64 GB SSD
- MS SQL Web 64-bit 2017
- .Net 4.7