How to add and use 3T Power-Up in Trello for time tracking

3T power-up buttons 3T power-up labels
    We have our own Power-Up for Trello (still not published by Trello).

    To install it on Trello, please, follow steps below:

    - Go to page
    - Select a team you want to add 3T Power-Up to
    - Click on the "Create a Power-Up" button
create power-up button

    - Fill in the following info:
    - Power-Up name: 3T
    - Author name: Jazzros Software Development
    - Email (see screenshot)
    - Overview: 3T - Time Tracker
    - Description:

    - Choose two categories: Analytics & Reporting, IT & Project Management
    - Power-Up Capabilities: authorization-status, board-buttons, callback, card-badges, card-buttons, 
                             card-detail-badges, show-authorization, show-settings
    - Power-Up icon URL:
    - Iframe connector URL:
    - Link to your privacy policy:
    - An email we can use to reach your support team: (see screenshot)

    - Click on the Done button

set up 3T power-up

    After that you will be able to add and enable our 3T Power-Up
    under the selected team for any and every board of the team.

    You may repeat those steps with every team you need the 3T Power-Up for.

    Thank you