Restaurant or Cafe plus Trello and 3T - QR Codes for Trello

Restaurant, Cafe plus Trello and 3T - wow, wow! What are you talking about?

Yes - that is an idea you can automate your cafe or restaurant management or even hotel and more.

Here is how we see it in short:
- Add a board and name it same as your cafe, for example - sushi house
- Add the "Menu" list and cards for every menu item like: coffee, tea, sushi, inarizushi, chirashizushi etc.
- Add the "To serve" list for cards that are done and ready for serving.
- Add a list for every table like: Table 1, Table 2, Table 3, Table 4, Table 5 etc.

- Use our power-up to generate QR codes for every menu item per every table.

- Make a menu book with appropriate QR code for every menu item and put it onto corresponding table.
For example, one menu book will be printed with QR codes for every menu itme for Table 1 only.
Another menu book will be printed with the same menu items but with QR codes for Table 2 and so on.
- When your clients come to you just ask them to scan QR codes that they would like to eat.

- Every QR Code will contain a url that client will navigate to and see order confirmation.
- As soon as client navigated to a url a copy for the selected menu card will be created and put on Table # list in Trello and timer will be started.
- Cook will see it on Trello and will start preparing the dish.
- After dish is done move card to the "To serve" list and that will mean that dish is ready for serving.
- Waiter will see the card and bring that dish to clients.

Think of it! We are sure there are a lot of other cases where QR code automation may help and speed up your routine.