How to import time from Trello that has already been spent

Before you started you have to understand how the import works.

3T can recognize the following types of actions for time tracking:
- moving cards between lists
- checking and unchecking checklist items
- commenting start, stop on cards

if you did not use any of those ways then import may not work for you.

Firstly, please, configure 3T according to one or all ways that you did use before
so 3T would be able to recognize and handle all actions during import process.

Now you need to download a JSON file from Trello and here are steps on how to do it:

download json file from Trello 1

download json file from Trello 2

download json file from Trello 3

4Right-click on the item:
download json file from Trello 4

5Select the "Save as..." or "Save link as..." context menu item:
save json file from Trello

Save the file on your local PC and navigate to the Import page.
Select the file you have just saved and click the "Upload..." button to continue.
upload json file from Trello