How to edit time and timesheet manually

apply time editing

Step 1 - Go to the Timesheet

Go to the Timesheet page.

Step 2 - Select a Team

Select a team that the task, you want to edit, belongs to.

Step 3 - Select Co-Worker

Select a co-worker or co-workers that did work on the task you want to edit.

Step 4 - Select a Board/Project

Select a board/project that the task belongs to.

Step 5 - Specify a Date Range

Specify a date range that the task was done on in any available way.
Click on the Apply button if you set date from and date to.
If you click on any predefined period button then you don't have to click Apply.

Step 7 - Find the Task

Find the task you want to edit under the proper date and co-worker.

Step 8 - Click the Pencil icon or time

Click on the pencil icon or the time itself to edit. Text box will appear.

Step 9 - Edit time

Enter a decimal value (use dot as decimal separator) and press the ENTER key on your keyboard
or click anywhere outside of the text box.
Pay attention, please, that 1 hour 30 min should be represented as 1.5