How to use 3T with Trello

Quick Description

You have to create cards/tasks outside of any DOING list for example under To Do list, then when you drag&drop a card/task on to any DOING list 3T starts calculating time spent on it for Member/User that dragged and dropped it, and you will see it as currently in progress there: Overview
When anybody drags and drops it out of any DOING list 3T stops calculating time spent for the user who dragged and dropped it on to DOING list and it will disappear from the Overview page and will be shown on the Timesheet and under XLS if you set proper Team, Co-Workers, Boards and date range.

Step 1 - Add a new team (we do not use the Personal Boards)

Go to Trello website and make sure you have at least one team or create a new one.
To create a new team, please, click on the "Create a new team..." link (circle number 1 on the screenshot below):

create new team before time tracking

Step 2 - Add members and boards

Add members to the newly created team/organization that you want to have them access to this team and tasks.
To add members, please, click on the "Members" tab (circle number 2a on the screenshot below) and follow next instructions.
Now you need at least one non-personal board. So, for your newly created team, please add at least one board.
To create a new board, please, click on the "Create new board..." link (circle number 2 on the screenshot below):

create new board before time tracking

Step 3 - Add lists and cards

3T system uses any list that starts with "Doing" or has name Doing / Doing bugs / In Development / Current / Working / Ongoing and tracks time for member that dragged and dropped a card/task on to such list.
To add lists and cards, please, click on the newly created board (circle number 3 on the screenshot below):

add lists and cards before time tracking

Step 4 - Create a list

Now you may create as many lists as you need but make sure you have added the Doing list (or name it as you like: Doing or Current or Working Ongoing or any other name specified under the Settings page).
To add a list, please, click on the "Add a list..." link (circle number 4 on the screenshot below):

add list to track time

Step 4a - Create Doing Bugs list

Now you can create the Doing Bugs list to be able to track bug fixing as separate tasks.
To add a list, please, click on the "Add a list..." link (circle number 4 on the screenshot below):

add list to track bugs

Step 5 - Create cards

Cards are tasks, and you may create as many cards as you want.
To add cards just click on the "Add a card..." link (circle number 5 on the screenshot below):

add cards to track time for

Step 6 - Drag and drop cards

Now ask a team member to drag and drop any task/card, he/she is going to work on, onto the Doing/Current/Working/Ongoing list.
Circle number 6 on the screenshot below:
After the task has been finished any team member, who has access to the team/organization, may drag the task/card out to stop time tracking on this task.
Circle number 6a on the screenshot below:

drag and drop cards for time tracking per member

Disconnect Trello from 3T

Take a look on how to Disconnect your Trello account from 3T system.