3T Board Snapshots for Trello

Project per day is another way to track projects for Art and Design companies and studios

Lets imagine a case:

You have created a Board in Trello, in which each card, is one of your Artists and each list is one of your projects.
This way in a graphic and fast way you can move artists between projects during a day/week and locate them more easily (especially if you have +100 Artists).
If you bill your clients on per day and not per hour basis then you will need something different in such cases.

And this is where 3T's new tracking feature comes into place and tracks a number of cards in each of the lists per day!

So, for example, in Project 1 you have 5 cards, so project 1 had cost of 5 artists today or 5.5 artists and so on every day,
so you will get such timesheet:
Tuesday 21 January 2020:
· Project 1 - 6 Artists
· Project 2 - 2 Artists ... etc