3T Triggers for Trello - Extend your Trello activities beyond the Trello

What if you could send some data outside of your Trello in response to some Trello actions like moving cards, adding members, comments, etc.?

Now you can and you do not need Zapier or similar tools! Just start with our 3T Triggers for Trello and you will be able to automate a lot of things in a very flexible way.

Everything you need is to add triggers here for all Trello actions you want:
1. Select an Organization/Team
2. Select a Trello action
3. Put a Url to send request to
4. Provide any payload like Form/Json for POST requests or leave it empty to send GET request

What can be easily? Now you can trigger urls from Trello.

* This is a Beta version and will be extended in the near future