Pay per month and not per member

No need upfront payment. Your 90 days fully functional trial period will be applied in any way.

As your 90 days fully functional trial period is completely free and doesn't require any payment details or credit/debit card linking upfront - you will be able to cancel your trial/paid period at any time by disconnecting Trello from 3T and deleting your 3T account (or even leaving everything as is and come back later, 3T will continue tracking and handling everything behind for next 6 months until your 3T account will be frozen/deleted or you will pay and unfreeze it yourself)

After the 90 days trial period 3T will ask you to pay and you will see an appropriate message.

If you will still have 5 members in total then your monthly price will be $5 only.

You will be able to select any payment model/plan:
- PAYGO - pay as you go - pay for one month to use with a price for the last month you used
- Monthly/annual subscription

You will be asked for payment after your trial period. No up-front payments.

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