It's sad to see you here :(

Please, revoke 3T access on Trello!!!

please, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Open settings

Go to Trello website and open settings.
To open settings, click settings menu item (number 1 on the screenshot below):

Step 2 - Applications section

Scroll down to the "Applications" section (number 2 on the screenshot below):

Step 3 - 3T Application section

Find the "3T Application" section (number 3 on the screenshot below):

Step 4 - Revoke

Click the "Revoke" button (number 4 on the screenshot below):

That's all

Now your Trello account is completely disconnected from 3T Application and 3T will have no access to your Trello account anymore. If you will return back to 3T you will find everything as you left it here before you disconnected (Unless you have deleted your 3T account).